Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for signing up to use Easy Product Displays as your product display builder. We know you will have questions. So here is where you can find answers to some general questions we have had.

Please watch our helpful tutorial video to learn how easy it can be to build beautiful product displays fast and easy!

Where do the html codes work? Easy Product Displays works on nearly any web publishing platform. Here is a list of sites that we have tested the codes on so far.

  • WordPress
  • Weebly
  • Blogger
  • Webnuggetz
  • Redgage

Responsive Displays vs Flow Displays: Which one should you use?

Easy Product Displays has two kinds of product displays to use

Responsive Templates: The first set of display templates are responsive displays, which means the displays will auto adjust to fit the screen size of the visitors computer or device. These displays will remain looking exactly as you chose. For instance, a 2 column top row with a row of 4 products under it will remain a 2×4 display regardless of the device screen size it is being displayed on.

  • The responsive displays don’t always work on every website, but do work on many platforms.
  • The product images won’t be available for Pinning or social sharing.
  • It is important to include regular uploaded images somewhere in your webpage for social sharing use.

Flow Templates: The flow templates are a fixed width display and will auto correct itself by dropping the products to a new row when it runs out of screen size.

  • The html code will work on any website or platform.
  • Product images can be Pinned to Pinterest or used for other social sharing needs.

Saving EPD Displays – Locker Settings – Save:  EPD does not save your displays. They are meant to be placed in webpages or posts. If you need to save them for later or just to have a copy to use in different sites, save them to a notepad or Word doc.

Locker settings only save your settings such as borders, fonts, preferred buttons, and custom color schemes. When you press SAVE it only saves these settings, not the display.

Product Images Missing From Displays: If you run into the issue of the images being deleted from your displays, or you want the product images available for social sharing needs, then you should pick one of the Flow Templates to use.

Updating EPD Displays On Your Site: On occasion an item will sell out and you will need to update your display. Go into the html side of the post, copy the EPD html, open EPD, click Get Code, then the Import Code button. Paste your html and click Import at the bottom. Now you should be able to update your displays. Just find new products or images and reset your display.

**Note: on occasion if the html code has been modified, the import will not work and you will need to just rebuild the display. Luckily, EPD is fast and easy to use.

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